Test Bridal 2

ESC- Two nights in the travelers choice of OVER 100 DESTINATIONS Can be sent DIGITALLY as an EMAILABLE GIFT REWARD

Nation Wide Appeal 100+ Destinations.

Hotel Occupancy Tax will not exceed ($50 total). No Hidden Fees.

Over a year to travel. Simple & Easy Details. No Presentation Required.

Over 3 Million Consumers Successfully Traveled Since 1980.

Two Night Hotel Stay in the travelers choice of over 100 different exciting destinations.

Over 100+ destinations. 235+ million visitors annually.

Samples available upon request. Contact Andrew Kahn at (800) 370-9153  (x7555) or send an email to Andrew @ casablancaexpress.com.

Test Drive Promo Kit Includes

  • 100 Las Vegas Certificates
  • 15 Las Vegas Balloons
  • 3 Las Vegas Buttons
  • 2 Las Vegas Counter Cards
  • Digital Graphics provided for use on website, email blasts, flash text, specials, and social media.
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