About Our Products

Casablanca Express provides millions of vacation certificates, event and dining gift cards annually for use in sales promotional marketing campaigns. Since 1980 we have worked directly with many different types of businesses, clients and marketing companies throughout the United States. We know that by offering our incentive products directly, we are able to work closely with our client’s promotional marketing advertising.

Casablanca Express offers a wide selection of vacation certificates, event vouchers and dining gift cards. Our products range from a simple 2-night stay in Las Vegas, a $50 dining restaurant card; all the way up to a 7-night Bahamas cruise. With more than 200 different types of time tested, and successful vacation products have been the backbone of over 5 billion dollars in sales.

About our Products

Casablanca Express produces well over 200 different types of vacation certificates, entertainment / ticket rewards and dining / restaurant gift cards.

Vacation certificates fall into 4 major categories

Accommodations Only – Whether you are looking to give away a low cost (high value) 2 nights stay in Las Vegas or a certificate that provides a choice of locations for your traveler’s. Our accommodation certificates are a perfect fit and provide stays in many different tourist locations throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and many other destinations.  Our most popular travel products are very easy to use, with digital redemption and scheduling portals. Our accommodation certificates are ideal for any number of marketing applications; think along the lines of a gift with test drive, door prizes, trade-show lead generation, first 100 people who visit advertising campaigns, mass consumer rewards and incentive gift with purchase.

Airfare and Accommodations – Our vacation certificates with airfare, offer a low cost high value sales gift. with purchase. These certificates offer round trip airfare to variety of different destinations. These vacation certificates provide many different ways to promote your individual business and marketing initiatives. Many industries choose to use this type of product as a closing tool or tipping point for sales promotion campaigns. Some examples are Jewelry (engagement rings), auto purchases, solar systems and a host of other applications. We can provide digital banners, email collaterals and other essential visual components to enhance your promotion, and a dedicated in-house marketing representative will assist in designing the right promotion for your needs.

Theme Park Tickets and Accommodations – These vacation certificates are usually for one night in the travelers choice of theme park area, and include tickets to theme parks. Casablanca Express has many different types of theme park certificates which are designed around marketing campaign needs and locations.

Cruise Certificates – Our cruise certificates are the backbone of hundreds of millions of dollars in marketing programs and promotional sales. We have many different types of cruise certificates which have locations based on the traveler’s choice. Our most common locations are to either Mexico or Bahamas. These certificates offer cruise packages ranging from 4 to 7 nights and can designed to depart from most major ports in America.

Ticket Rewards Event Gift Cards:

Travelers Advantage

Dining Advantage

Restaurant.com gift cards

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