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Two Nights At The Plaza Hotel And Casino

Kevin Jewelers – Las Vegas Trip

Kevin Jewelers – Las Vegas Trip

Benna Ford

Benna Ford

Kevin Jewelers – Las Vegas Trip

Casablanca Express provides vacation certificates for marketing campaigns. We work with many jewelry stores throughout the United States. By offering our products directly, we’re able to work closely with our jewelry clients and their marketing and advertising. Why the jewelry industry loves us is because our products attract the consumer that they are looking for. Your jewelry store has a certain pull, and our products will help you to attract that. Our Las Vegas hotel gift certificates are so affordable, they can be given to everyone who does business with you. This will help you to maximize your return on the investment and see the benefits of your advertising immediately. When response rates go up, your cost per customer goes down. By including a vacation giveaway in your next promotion, you’ll stand out from the crowd. Ask yourself, “What can I do today that’ll make a difference tomorrow?” Reward your consumer for doing business with you and close more sales.


Providing travel services to over three million consumers, and having been the backbone of thousands of marketing and reward campaigns, Casablanca Express has an A+ Better Business rating and has successfully traveled over three million consumers since 1980. See what we can do for your business, as we have done for thousands nationwide. We have been considered the secret sauce for many years. Marketing campaign, consumer sweepstakes, rewards for actions, gift with purchases incentivize your consumers to act and act now. Our products help you create unique marketing campaigns and give a quality gift without having to lower your price. We never third-party the experience of our travel. We are a proud US based company and provide all services in-house. World class customer support, assistance and guest services starts with a hello. Our state-of-the-art, in-house toll free tele center handles all scheduling, booking, and customer service.

Our promotions are the key that unlock a world of marketing possibilities. By adding our attractive offer to your current and future advertising, you will see a dramatic increase in customer response. Our products simply blend, or overlay, onto your marketing efforts. And by including our hotel gift certificates and dining cards in your next marketing campaign, you’ll be able to do the styles of promotions that grow your business without lowering your product price.


Discounts are great, but they do not allow your business stand out from the competition – What differentiates you from the guy down the block, or the store next door? Imagine being able to do a Las Vegas style promotion over the Black Friday holiday. We work closely with your store to help lay out the best marketing approach for your customers. We can provide banner ads, simple click-through buttons, direct marketing and other creative collaterals to allow you to have all the pieces of a successful promotion without the confusion or cost.


Allow me to explore with you what Casablanca Express promotions can do to enhance and accelerate your marketing efforts. If you give me three minutes of your time, let us help put the pieces together.

Set yourselves apart from the competition by giving away a 2-night stay in a Las Vegas or any number of other popular tourist destinations along with a $50 Dining card

Our vacation certificates and gift cards fit in like the missing piece for your marketing campaigns. Our products give your dealership an offer that creates a powerful reason to visit your showroom. By utilizing the data that you currently have, your dealership can conduct a number of different incentive driven marketing campaigns.

Here are some of the companies that have used Casablanca premium incentives or vacation certificates successfully in their marketing programs.

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