About Cooperative Marketing

Casablanca Express is a prime supplier of travel-based premiums, dining gift cards and vacation incentives. We’ve been helping millions make lasting memories for nearly 40 years. We have traveled over three million consumers and have saved them an estimated three billion dollars on retail travel costs. Our primary goal is to fill hotel rooms, airplanes and cruise ships with eager travelers.

Casablanca works with 100s of different businesses to provide vacation certificates and gift cards designed to be used in promotional marketing campaigns. We are partnered with many hotels, airlines and cruise agencies to maintain high occupancies.  Our cooperative marketing approach is one of the keys that allows our hospitality clients to introduce their properties and services at a very low marketing cost.

Casablanca Express is committed to our clients and the success of their promotional marketing programs. We have developed a cooperative marketing advantage offer that provides a direct advertising credit on any qualified program over $500. What this means to your dealership is that we will provide a 20% rebate of purchase towards any verifiable advertised campaign. Our cooperative marketing is because our hospitality clients having engaged us to fill their rooms, airline seats and cruise cabins. This cooperative approach is a win win win situation for all involved and allows your dealership to have access to product that would otherwise cost hundreds of dollars retail.

Having traveled over three million consumers, we have thousands of great reviews. All photos and reviews have been provided by our travelers. See what our happy travelers have to say.

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