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How to Gain and Reward More Tax Prep Business in 2019 – Thank you Gifts, Service Incentives and Referral Rewards that Really Work.

By offering a Casablanca Express vacation certificate or dining gift card as an incentive, your tax prep agency will stand out from the competition while increasing in-store, office and online traffic.

What are you doing today to attract those ready clients tomorrow?

Casablanca Express vacation certificates and gift cards stimulate consumer response while providing immediate results.

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Want more tax preparation clients? Offer a a $50 dining gift with initial appointment (Tax service evaluation)

Build retention by offering a promotion with each preparation. Increase your branding by … Our gift cards and vacation certificates create an incentive to use your services.

It allows you to do a themed marketing campaign. Creates lead generation and gifts and rewards for referrals and bonuses.

Make your advertising stand out and promote!

Offer a 2-Night Stay in Las Vegas!

Call your prospect list with an offer of a 2 night stay in Las Vegas with a $50 dining card just for the opportunity to come down.

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